President’s Message



I have been involved with ACUBSS for over 20 years. I have enjoyed networking with all the colleges and Universities throughout the years.  I have learned that we all share some of the same issues at sometimes or another.

This organization consist of supervisors in the custodial field on colleges and universities campuses across the country. We are always looking to increase our membership and broaden our knowledge on how other schools are cleaning. This may include new technics, new equipment, and new products. It gives us a chance to see how things are going out in the field.

We hold a conference once a year that features people in our service field and other professionals who address issues such as motivation, communication, customer services, absenteeism/tardiness, workplace safety, weapons on campus, hostile work environment, do more with less, and drug/alcohol/cannabis.

I think this conference can be a good investment for your university or college.  It will give you a chance to collaborate with colleagues that deal with the same issues as you do on your campus.

Please don't waste any more time cleaning alone, let us help you keep your campus clean!


Walter "Lee" Fox

Superentendant of Building Services

Illinois State University

600 West Gregory Street

Normal, Illinois


(309) 438-5876

ACUBBS Current President 2020-2023