Why become a member of ACUBSS?

Why attend our Fall ACUBSS Conference?

You already have the knowledge and skills to perform in your area of expertise. That’s probably what got you promoted in the first place. Being an ACUBSS member will help you become the skilled leader for your University/Institution that your position demands. You’re in charge of coordinating people and tasks; your continued success depends directly on your ability to get things done through others. Here’s the good news: As a new ACUBSS member or a new conference attendee you will be provided with the practical tips, techniques and ACUBSS Solutions you need for the hard knocks that come with on-the-job learning. Two days of intensive training at the ACUBSS Conference will focus on the unique challenges you face every day as a manager or supervisor. ACUBSS Solutions will help you fully achieve your potential, not just as a manager or supervisor, but as a true leader who commands the respect, commitment and credibility that moves people to action.

Get what you need to succeed as a manager or supervisor at the annual ACUBSS Fall Conference.

Annual Membership Fee

Institutional Annual Membership $150.00                                                                           ($150 covers up to ten members)

Each additional Annual Membership $10.00

Individual annual Membership $50.00

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