President’s Message



This is my 1st term in office as President and I am excited to be working with a variety of people from many different colleges and universities.  I truly enjoy the networking opportunities that the ACUBSS organization offers.  I have valued the five years that I have belonged to ACUBBS and also my time as a board member and as President Elect.  I am looking forward to being the President for the next two years.

ACUBSS is an organization for supervisors and those involved in the Building Services field.  The purpose of this association is to advance the highest standards of professionalism for building management and supervisors.  We seek to incorporate modern methods, provide a forum for the exchange of ideas, and further our members education to help them serve their respective institutions to the best of their abilities.

We hold seminars once a year that feature top people in the Building Services field and other professionals who address issues such as motivation, communication, customer relations, excessive absenteeism, tardiness, workplace safety, weapons on campus, hostile work environments, drug/alcohol addiction, and working in a green environment.

ACUBBS is a good investment for you, your staff and your university or college.  As an ACUBSS member you will be able to contribute to the organization’s newsletter and website.  You will also receive a reduced conference rate, attend seminars, exchange ideas and information with your colleagues and make new friends if you become part of this great organization.

ACUBSS is committed to increasing its membership by reaching out to new colleges and universities.  It is our desire that you become part of our organization and grow with us into the future.


Anthony E. Isabell

Program Manager

Custodial Services

University of Wisconsin, Platteville

1680 Greenwood Avenue

Platteville, WI 53818

(608) 342-7390

ACUBBS Current President 2018 - 2020